Wireless Android Auto Adapter for Android Mobile Phones

The Wireless Android Auto Adapter will allow you to use your car’s original Android Auto function without any wires! Simply connect the adapter to your car’s USB socket and pair your Android phone with the adapter via Bluetooth. Every time you get in the car, you’ll see the Android Auto display, which will activate automatically within 13 seconds of turning on the ignition.



The new Wireless Adapter which will open up the possibility to use Android Auto without a cord will also show the advantage of better speeds!

This add-on is only available for Android mobile phones and cars with the original Android Auto function.

This new Android Auto Adapter is twice as fast and more compact than the first version.

Activation times have been reduced from 40s to 13s, and switching between apps is faster.

The slimmed-down design will make it easier to find a convenient place for the adapter in your car.

Simply plug the device into your car’s USB socket and pair it once with your existing Android device via Bluetooth. Android will connect automatically every time you get in the car!

How it works

Wireless Android adapter for Android Auto without a USB cable. So you don’t have to search for and plug your phone into a USB port every time you get in the car.

The Android Auto Adapter is only for cars that have the original, factory installed Android Auto system and an Android mobile device.

Key features


First time Android device connection to adapter

Make sure your mobile phone have activated Android Auto function. Turn Bluetooth and WIFI on

Plug your Android Auto device via cable into a USB port in your car that has Android Auto functionality. When the adapter starts connecting to the car’s system, the indicator color will change to red and then you will see the name of the Bluetooth signal on the car’s display.

Open the list of Bluetooth devices on your Android mobile phone, then select the device with the matching code and pair the devices. After a successful connection, the indicator light will change to green and you will see Android Auto on your car screen.


Inside the box:

1x Android Auto adapter

1x USB-A/USB-C cable

1x Instruction


Eligible mobile phones: all Android phones with version 10 or higher.


The Android Auto Wireless Adapter is suitable for the following car brands manufactured from 2015 where Android Auto only works when the phone is connected via USB cable:

Audi, Mazda, Mercedes, Skoda, Dodge, Porsche, Peugeot, Volvo, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Genesis, GMC, KIA, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Maserati, Opel, Renault, Seat, Toyota, Range Rover, Jaguar, Subaru, MG, Suzuki, Lamborghini, GAC, Volkswagen.

Available car models

Also Wireless Android Auto Adapter fits with these brands aftermarket radios: 

Pioneer, Kenwood, LCCP, JVC.

Operacion system                             Linux

Procesor                                               Dual-core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A7

Space                                                   64 MB RAM + 16 MB ROM

Wi Fi                                                       Dual-Band  802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 5 GHz

Bluetooth                                              BT-5.0

Connections                                        USB Type-C

Power Imput                                        USB-5V

Working Tempature                        -20∼75°C

Dimensions                                         Height            55mm

                                                               Width             55mm

                                                               Thickness      14mm

                                                               Device weight   28g

Will this device work in my car?

If your car is factory-fitted with Android Auto, then yes! If you don’t know if your car has it, please contact us with the model and year of manufacture of your car.

Do i need to connect my Wireless Android Auto every time i come into the car?

No. After pairing your adapter with your phone for the first time it will always connect the Android Auto Adapter every time you start your car automatically. So you don’t have to worry about connecting every time.

Does the Android Auto Adapter use WiFi or Bluetooth? I don’t have WiFi in my car.

Our adapter is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth. It connects via Bluetooth and sends WiFi credentials to the phone, then disconnects from the Bluetooth network. From that point on, it only works over WiFi.

Will it work with my „Android“ or „iPhone“ mobile device?

This adapter works with all Android phones from version 10 to the latest version. However, it does not support Apple iOS.

If I have two phones, which device will I choose?

You can use either phone, but if you have both devices in the car, the Android Auto Adapter will connect to the last phone connected.

Additional information


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